You know how…

Some people get blue waffles?

Well I got a purple omelette


Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette


Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette




The greatest scene in all animated movie history.

I may or may not recite this when I’m looking for things.

I wonder how long people have been waiting for these gifs

probably just as long as they’ve been waiting for Incredibles 2 

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(Source: i-n-k-e-d-b-i-t-c-h)


Sonic Screwdriver Wand: Doctor Who meets Harry Potter

by CabbitCastle



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Kimsooja (b. Taegu, Korea, 1957, South Korean) - A Reflective Palace Of Rainbows, 2006   The Palacio de Cristal was originally built in the late 1880s in Madrid, Spain. In 2006 artist Kimsooja transformed it into this rainbow reflecting palace.    Installations


The longer I wait
Lying on my bed
For a response
To the thing I need to know
The more my heart sinks
Slowly to the floor

The thudding in my ears
And the pounding in my chest
Am I waiting to be broken
Or to be given a chance

Cuz I’ve already fallen for you
No matter how much
I should fight against it
I need to know the truth

Am I a game
Or a fling
A conquest
Or a flame

Do you feel what I feel
Do you wish I would stop
Are you going to answer
Or is this all going to stop

And the sounds coming from my phone
Give me a slimmer of hope
But when I read the screen
I feel alone

It’s not you
It’s not you

But it’s you.
It’s you

I don’t care about the text on my screen
When blood boils inside of me
I need to know
Where I stand and where I go

A book discarded on the shelf
Collecting dust
And old smells

A book always opened
The pages worn
But the love so pure
And easily shown

My body is cold
But my tears are warm
My soul dry
My tears surround me
A perfect storm

And still you say nothing
The coldness reaches my bones
Are you mine
Or am I alone

It’s early in the morning
Or late at night
Maybe you fell asleep
Or maybe you’re trying to find
The right words to say
To reject me
But keep me okay

Or maybe you’re only scared away
Was today the last I will hear from you
Even after the plans we made
For tomorrow too.

This may be the wrong place for this…

But am I the only one tired of seeing people posting their closed minded views on Facebook?

You want Obama gone?
Fair enough, but don’t think it is going to change the way this country is. Our problem is congress. Not Obama.

You want our borders closed?
Okay, fine but remember where your family came from asshole, we are all immigrants in this country. It’s a melting pot. Get over it. You’re lineage did not start here.

You want the language to be all English?
Sorry to break it to you, but the United States doesn’t have an official language. We just don’t so expecting everyone to adhere to it is rude. I admit I only know English and it would be preferable to me as well, but not much we can do about it. Start leaning Spanish kids.

Culture- Declaration of Independence, the constitution and the bill of rights.
I do honestly hope you paid enough attention in class to know that the Declaration of Independence is a declaration of war. Good job for wanting war. As for the whole, do you know the meaning of culture, because it doesn’t mean three bits of paper with scribbles on them. A lot goes into a culture and America has a melting pot of cultures because we are all IMMIGRANTS.

Mandatory drug screening before welfare?
Fair enough, but if you want a drug free country, you’re in for a shock, it will never happen. But if you want it so bad make sure to screen students and everyone with a job anywhere. I know I work and go to school with plenty of of people on drugs. Want to solve that problem? Be willing to go all the way.

No freebies to non citizens?
What non citizens? You want to boot them all out of the country for not being born here. But please, if you’re going to stop handing out freebies count citizens into the equation too.

This country is not perfect. Sometimes it sucks. But you’re going for all of the wrong solutions. Do your research, understand the problem before you try to open your mouth to fix it.